GlucoTrack Story

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The desire to develop a non-invasive glucose monitor came initially from Integrity co-founder, late Dr. David Freger. David had diabetes and like many who suffer from this life long debilitating disease, David was sick and tired of pricking his fingers to draw blood for glucose measurements a few times each day. Together with two of his trusted colleagues, Avner Gal and David Malka, they set out to develop a non-invasive glucose monitor that could provide pain-free measurements.

Following years of intense research and development they determined that the technical challenges of increasing the signal to noise ratio, to obtain a reliable reading without drawing blood, could best be achieved by combining three independent technologies simultaneously. They developed Integrity’s proprietary and patented approach of using ultrasound, electromagnetic and thermal measurements with a unique algorithm to weigh each measurement and calculate the weighted average of the three readings.

Our innovative approach was recognized by Frost & Sullivan, who awarded Integrity Applications a Product Innovation Leadership award.

Although Dr. David Freger passed away, his vision and dedication will always be remembered by the team at Integrity Applications. In the memory of David Freger we call our current product model GlucoTrack model DF-F.

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