GlucoTrack Your track to health!...™


GlucoTrack uses ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal technologies to non-invasively measure glucose levels in the body

GlucoTrack is intended for use by Type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics.

GlucoTrack is battery-operated and includes a Main Unit (MU), which contains display and control features, as well as transmitter, receiver and processor, and a Personal Ear Clip (PEC), which is clipped to the earlobe and contains sensors and calibration electronics. The device is small, light and easy to use and handle.  The Main Unit can be shared by up to three users (in model DF-F), although each user requires his/her own (individually calibrated) PEC.  The device includes a USB port for data downloading (enables off-line analysis), as well as battery recharging.

GlucoTrack model DF-F main features:

  • Uses three different technologies simultaneously to increase accuracy;
  • Reliable results;
  • Complete set of data for each reading (user’s name/date/time/glucose level);
  • Long term of calibration validity;
  • Provides spot measurements;
  • Visual and verbal glucose readings;
  • Main Unit supports up to three users;
  • Comparable to a smart phone in size and weight;
  • Up to 1000 recent readings per user;
  • Readings history data in tabular and graphic formats;
  • USB communication for easy data downloading for back-up storage and analysis;
  • User Friendly: easy to operate, easy to read data, large color touch screen;
  • Repeatable audible result;
  • Reduced life cycle cost (less expensive than finger prick device in long term).